Turnover Basket Cleaning Machine

Turnover Basket Cleaning Machine

The basket washing machine is suitable for cleaning and drying pallets, turnover boxes and turnover barrels of various enterprises such as food, electronics, medicine, and automobiles. Each section of the cleaning system can operate independently, and the cleaning water is separated from each other. After the container is cleaned, it is clean and free of oil stains and dirt, which meets the industry hygiene standards.


The metal components of this machine are all made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the 304 stainless steel heat-resistant pump is used, which can replace the traditional manual cleaning operation and meet the container cleaning requirements of different enterprises. This machine has reliable performance, stable operation, and simple installation and maintenance. It can design and manufacture cleaning tunnels of corresponding sizes according to different requirements of customers to meet the cleaning requirements of containers of different specifications. It has high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, low energy consumption and long service life. Features.

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