Meat Dicer Machine

Meat Dicer Machine

The frame of this machine is constructed using 304 stainless steel material and incorporates a well-designed cam mechanism, allowing for adjustable stepping distances through the cam. The cutting tool is made from high-quality stainless steel, forming an integral blade with advantages such as high strength, durability, and rust resistance. The machine features simple operation and a compact structure. It is equipped with a lubrication system that allows scheduled oil replenishment during operation, with the oiling time being adjustable, effectively prolonging the machine's lifespan. Moreover, it is equipped with a safety switch that halts machine operation when the cover is opened, maximizing human safety.


This machine is capable of processing frozen meat products such as braised chicken chunks and popcorn chicken. The technical specifications are as follows:


1. Meat cutting thickness: ≤80mm

2. Meat inlet width: ≤500mm

3. Meat cutting temperature: between -15°C to 0°C

4. Maximum daily capacity: 5.5 tons

5. Total power: 5.15KW, 380V, 50HZ

6. Dimensions: Length 1100mm x Width 820mm x Height 1260mm

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