Fully Automatic Premade Bag Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Premade Bag Packing Machine


Work step:

1. Manually put the product into the feeder cup.

2. Bag given - code spraying (selected by the customer) - bag opening - feeding - primary vacuum - secondary vacuum - tertiary vacuum - sealing - air bleeding - chamber releasing - conveyor belt output


Main configuration:

1. Bag filling rotation system: it is mainly made of 304 stainless steel machined parts, precision cast 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings, imported plastic bearings, imported engineering plastic rollers and other materials that all meet the hygienic standards for food packaging; Ensure food hygiene, safe and reliable operation of equipment and convenient service life.

2. Vacuum sealing system: the rotary table is made of precision cast aluminum, and the vacuum chamber / vacuum cover is made of aluminum. On the premise of meeting the hygienic standards and safety strength of packaging machinery, the weight is reduced and the motor power is saved; Other main components are assembled with 304 stainless steel parts, high-precision bearings, imported plastic bearings and other components; The system is a constant speed continuous rotation movement, so capable to ensure the quality of packaging and sealing.

3. Drive system: Choose a constant speed constant torque variable frequency motor is used to uniformly control the two rotating systems; So as to achieve the purpose of accuracy, coordination and high speed. The drive system is fully mechanical cam control; The transmission cam and gear are made by 20grmnti carburizing, quenching, fine grinding and other processing technologies to ensure the operation accuracy and service life of the machine to the greatest level.

4. Control system: German Siemens high-end components (main components include PLC, touch screen and frequency converter) are used to ensure the machine stable, safe and accurate operation.

5. Pneumatic components: mainly components from Germany Siemens \ Japan SMC.

6. Safety detection system: the machine is equipped with a perfect safety detection system to achieve the purpose of preventive monitoring and intelligent control; The main components from Schneider, France.

7. Vacuum pump: This machine is equipped with one set of German BUSCH 100 vacuum pump / one German BUSCH 200 vacuum pump,which are respectively used for primary vacuum pumping, secondary vacuum pumping and bag taking and opening of bag filling system.

8. Reserved position: this machine reserves several positions, and different equipment can be installed according to different needs (such as coding, compaction, liquid filling, etc.)

1. Package size: bag width 120-220mm, bag length 60mm-320mm.

2. Compressed air consumption: >0.35 m3 / min.

3. Cooler lift: 24-30m.

4. Power supply: 440v/60hz (three-phase five wire).

5. Total power: 11kw (including vacuum pump).

6. Overall weight: 2100Kg.

7. Overall dimension: 2300x1560x1800.

8. Packing speed:30-50 bags / min (the packing speed is determined by the feeding speed and mode).

9. Packaging materials: aluminum foil bags, handbags, PE bags, PP bags

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