Tray Type Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

Tray Type Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

DH-Q semi-auto MAP tray sealer is a type of tray packing machine developed by Shandong Xiaokang Machinery Co., Ltd. Specifically for food and other tray items. The basic principle of the packing is:Put the food in the food packaging tray, fill the protective mixed gas such as CO2, O2, N2 to convert the air in the package. The different effects of the gas inhibit the growth and reproduction of most microorganisms that cause food deterioration, thereby preserving the food and prolonging the shelf life. It is suitable for packaging of various foods, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, medical products, hardware components, medical equipment, etc


1) Main material: Adopt food grade 304 stainless steel, safety and sanitation, easily for cleaning.

2) Control system: More accurate PLC control , humanized design,reliable performance, easy operation.

3) Pneumatic System: pneumatic elements. The quality of the equipment is stable, and service life is longer, and avoids frequent equipment failures and even suspension of work and other quality accident caused by component quality.

4) Easily replaceable of sealing mould: Different size of the trays are available according to clients packing requirement.

5) Work status indication: The machine has an operating program status and failure real-time display function to monitor the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

6) Safety start button: The security measures of the machine only can be started by simultaneous operation of both hands which effectively prevents security incidents caused by malfunction of the operator.

7) Emergency stop switch: The machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch which can be pressed in case of abnormal condition to terminate all ongoing work programs to guarantee the safety of equipment and personnel.

8) Heavy duty casters: Universal caster wheels with brake function are mounted at the bottom of the equipment for user to move and fix the machine. Imported brand electric

Max Width of Film(mm)


Max Diameter Of Film(mm)


Air Exchanging Rate (%)


Packaging Speed(time/m)


Electrical Requirement


Working Pressure(mpa)


Consume Power(kw)


Net Weight(Kg)


Gross Weight(kg)


Machine Dimension(mm)


Shipping Dimension(mm)


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