Poultry Cage Cleaning Machine

Poultry Cage Cleaning Machine

Crates Washer is designed to clean the poultry crates in the chicken processing factory. It can provide a good performance of clean crates but use less energy. The machine has the factors of stable operation and easy maintenance. The main material is 304 stainless steel otherwise specified, for food safety, easy cleaning and long life. The transmission mechanism adopts adjustable continuously variable mechanism and chain transmission system.

The crates moves forward under the driving of conveying chain, and will be washed by high temperature and high pressure spraying water when it moves through the spraying washing room. Then the crates will be delivered to the next process through unloading sliding way to achieve continuous production. The washing water will drop through rolling filter for discharging the sundries, then drop into the water tank for cyclic utilization by the centrifugal water pump.This machine is fully made of high quality stainless steel, high resistance to corrosion, long service life.





415V, 50Hz, 3 phases



Uploading – 0.75Kw*1set

Conveyor (motor reducer) – 1.5Kw*1set

Rolling filter – 0.75Kw*1set

Water pupm – 5.5Kw*1set

Crates Conveying Speed



400-600 crates per hour

(based on crates size and conveying   speed)

Water input

Connector DN25, screw connecting

General water input – auto water   control

Hot water input – temperature   recommended to 40 to 45  

(steam supply is separated at   working site)

Crates Size (mm)

Width max. 650mm

Height max. 350mm

Washing Take Length (mm)


Space for Installation   (mm)

8000x2700x1800mm (LxWxH)


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