Saline Injection Machine

Saline Injection Machine

Material: Stainless steel

Voltage: 380V

Power: 2.6KW

Dimensions: 1520*1020*1800mm

Production capacity: 800-1500KG


The injection needle used is a stainless steel saline injection needle. The model is determined based on the number of needles in the saline injection machine. The higher the number of needles, the higher the production capacity, and the lower the number of needles, the lower the production capacity. An 84-needle saline injection machine is an automatic saline injection machine that makes injection convenient. The operation is controlled by an electrical control box, eliminating the need for manual brine preparation, saving time, and increasing product output rate. Saline injection is used for flavoring in meat processing. Many products in batch processing require this equipment. During injection, the seasonings need to be prepared first and mixed evenly using a blender before being used as brine for injection. The saline injection machine injects brine, starch, soy protein, and additives into the meat for sufficient marination. It relies on advanced technology and mechanical devices to inject the marinade into the product through injection needles in an automated manner, achieving even distribution for rapid marination, enhanced flavoring, preservation of meat nutrition, and improved texture. The stepper speed, step distance, meat pressing plate clearance, and injection pressure can be adjusted according to different process requirements to inject the marinating solution uniformly and continuously into the meat, achieving the optimal injection effect.

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