Semi-automatic Cling Film Packaging Machine

Semi-automatic Cling Film Packaging Machine

1.     Efficient packaging

With an average of 15 packs per minute, the packaging efficiency is about three times that of the manual.

2.     Multifunctional

It combines the functions of automatic packaging, weighing and printing labels to save costs.

3.     The packaging is firm and beautiful

Compared with the manual packaging, the Freshare series of products are used to make the packaging more firm and beautiful, which helps to enhance the brand value.

4.     More choice of consumables

A variety of films (PVC/PE) are available for cost savings; some brands of similar equipment can only use the specified film.

In addition, it can be packaged with or without trays, and is suitable for trays of various shapes (such as round, hexagon, etc.)

5.     High quality material

The whole machine adopts stainless steel to adapt to the corrosive environment such as high humidity; the similar equipment of other brands only partially or completely does not use stainless steel, and is easily corroded under harsh environment.

6.     Very comfortable to use

The operation interface is simple in design and fast in response; it adopts special mute processing, which is less noisy and more comfortable to use than other similar devices.

7.     Exquisite workmanship

Overall welding processing, equipment stability is better than similar equipment of other brands.

8.     Intimate service

ZLZSEN is a professional packaging machinery manufacturer with strong technical strength. All products are independently developed and produced. We always insist on providing the best service to our customers. Once the customer discovers any problems, we will respond quickly. Solve problems in a reasonable way.

Speed - ------------------------------------- 15 packs per minute

Packing Length------------------------------------- 80 - 350mm

Packing Width----------------------------------- 80 - 270mm

Packing height------------------------------------- 10 - 170 mm

Packing Weight - ----------------------------------- 40g - 3kg

Width of Film - ------------------------------- 350 - 500mm

Display screen - ------------------------------------------------ 10.2 inch TFT color touch screen (screen ratio 16:9)

Display screen resolution - ----------------------------------- 1024*600

Power supply - --------------------------------------- 220V / 50HZ

Power - ------------------------------------------- 1860W

Working humidity - ------------------------------------------- 10-90% RH

Cylinder------------------------------------------- SMC

Low Voltage Electrical Appliances--------------------------------------- Schneider

Machine Material--------------------------------------- Stainless Steel

Dimension----------------------------------------- 988 * 736 * 1262mm

Dimensional sketch

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