Weight grading machine is also called as weight sorting machine or weight sorter, which could be used for sorting fruits, vegetables, meat products and seafood into different weight grades. The weight grading machine is usually composed of electronic weigher and intelligent PLC control system with high working efficiency and high sorting precision.

Small-sized Box Type Weight Sorting Machine

The small box grading scale is suitable for sea products such as oysters, sea cucumbers, abalones, fish, shrimp, and shellfish; poultry by-products such as chicken feet, chicken wings, wingtips, wingettes, chicken gizzards, duck feet, duck wings, two-joint wings, and duck gizzards; Chinese medicinal materials such as Codonopsis pilosula, ginseng, etc.; fruits, dried fruits, and other areas where sorting and grouping are required based on weight, such as lemons, mangoes, passion fruits, etc.


The grading scale is a device used to weigh and grade products. It can weigh products of different weights during continuous operation, automatically classify and combine them according to the set weight level, and can also statistically store product data. It has fully automated control, integrated weighing and grading, replaces traditional manual weighing and sorting, and automatically weighs and sorts at multiple levels to save labor and improve efficiency. It uses dynamic weighing anti-interference technology, making weighing data more reliable and achieving precision and standardization. It is a key equipment for online weight standardization testing of products, helping enterprises realize process management and improve product quality. It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, accurate weighing, fast grading speed, durability, and easy cleaning. It is suitable for the food, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, poultry meat, medicinal materials, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Working principle:

The grading scale consists of a frame, a material box, a control system, a weighing sensor, a conveying system, and a sorting mechanism. The product to be graded is placed into the material box for transportation. During transportation, the weighing sensor completes the collection of weight signals and sends the weight signals to the control system for processing. The completed products are transported out of the weighing area by the conveying mechanism and transported to the sorting mechanism. The system compares the weight range with the preset range and automatically classifies and groups the products. It can also collect and store product data, and can work continuously with good repeatability.


Application range:

The grading scale is widely used in industries such as food, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, poultry and meat, Chinese medicinal materials, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.



● Multi-level automatic weighing and sorting, replacing manual work and improving efficiency.

●  Independently designed control system, using mainstream products such as Siemens and Schneider to form a stable core control system, ensuring the performance and service life of the whole machine.

● The weighing system uses high-precision weighing sensors, with fast sampling speed, high accuracy, automatic zero tracking, small error, automatic weighing and sorting, and statistical storage.

● The sorting mechanism is composed of weighing sensors, photoelectric sensors, and specially designed sorting devices, which gently sort your products to the set level.

● Touch screen interface, intuitive display, multiple languages available, easy to operate. Various product formulas can be set to meet various material requirements, making it convenient to use.

● Easy operation for restoring factory parameter settings.

● Built-in report statistics, which can generate a variety of real-time data reports, and grasp the production status at any time.

● Equipped with high-speed frequency converter motor driver, stable operation, low noise, and equipment running speed can be adjusted through the frequency converter.

● The main body of the equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, easy to clean, and can withstand harsh environments without pressure.

● Select different grading scales according to the weight of the sorting product.

Customized models


Device models

5 levels

6+1 levels

8+1 levels

8+1 wide-body

9 levels

Hopper size (mm)


Dimensions (mm)






Sorting speed

280 times/minute

280 times/minute

280 times/minute

280 times/minute

280 times/minute

Sorting accuracy






Sorting error






Weighing range






Weighing sensor


Main body material

SUS 304

Device power


Device power supply


Sorting method

Electromagnetic rejection, hopper dumping

Working environment

Temperature: 0-40℃, humidity: 30%-95%

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