Poultry Wyandotte Chicken Manual Bag Bagger Blowing Open Opener Mouth Machine

Tabletop Bagging Machine


Pressure: 0.4Mpa

Machine speed:600-900 bags per hour

Bag Specifications: 

Pre-made wicketed bags,Bottom gussets, reclosable or permanent, adhesive tape closures, hang holes, vent holes, perforations, headers

Dimensions and shipping weight:790*470*480mm(LWH) 60KG(132Ibs)



Based on our decades-long experience in the poultry processing industry, we have developed our own semi-automatic bag open machine. A simple, but very efficient and practical machine.


Main Feathers

1.Up to three times faster than manual bagging.

2.A skilled operator pack 600-900 bags per hour.

3.Hygnienic design made of stainless steel easy cleaning.

4.Extremely simply operation due to automatic inflation of bag.

5.Suitable for polyethylene,vacuum and shrink bags,wicket bags.

6.Low air consumption,simple maintenance.Separate air supply-air blow and control air hoses.


Common applications

High-speed bakery lines for bread and buns.potato bags, apple bags, orange bags, and other fresh produce bagging applications.hosiery bags (socks, t-shirt bags, under garments, etc.) and other retail

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